It would be awesome, if you'd print out my logo - e.g. on a piece of paper, cardboard or a banner - and take it with you on a skydive, into the wind tunnel, on top of the mountain, to the beach, to a festival or on a bike tour and either take a picture or film it. Your pictures or video clips would let me "take part" in your activities and I could post them in my Facebook profile and my blog. Can't wait to see what you come up with this year !

Here you can find a documentary report on the SWR Mediathek: Link zur SWR Mediathek

Logo as PDF oder Logo as JPG

Skiing in Zermatt

Fabian and Regi "took" me skiing with them to Zermatt and thought of me with the Matterhorn in the background. Thank you, have lots of fun!

Skifahren in ZermattSkifahren in Zermatt

Saturday night with the girls

Maike, Nicole and Athina were at the party with me hosted by Paolo and Angelino Saturday night. Finally out and about again!

Saturday night with the girlsSaturday night with the girlsSaturday night with the girls

Beautiful mountain panorama

Hannah took me skiing with her in the Rauris skiing area. The picture was taken at the top station, at an altitude of 2200m (7217ft). Thank you, Hannah, for sharing this beautiful view of the the national park Hohen Tauern with me!

The bears under way in Guatemala

Yesterday the two bears were in Antigua, Guatemala. Zausi wanted to take the Panama Canal, Nuki wanted to go around Cape Horn. As you can see, Zausi won.

unterwegs in Guatemalaunterwegs in Guatemalaunterwegs in Guatemala

Very beary greetings

I received very sweet news from two bears traveling the Pacific today, which made me smile. Evidently Nuki and Zausi are testing their sea legs. They said:"Have a beary good time ..." Thank you so much for taking me along!

A Very Rocky Christmas

My son and I celebrated the second day of Christmas in an unconventional way: We were at the "Eisbrecher - End of the Year 2015 Concert"! We had a blast!

Eisbrecher - Jahresabschlusskonzert 2015"Eisbrecher - Jahresabschlusskonzert 2015"!Eisbrecher - Jahresabschlusskonzert 2015"Eisbrecher - Jahresabschlusskonzert 2015"Eisbrecher - Jahresabschlusskonzert 2015"Eisbrecher - Jahresabschlusskonzert 2015"Eisbrecher - Jahresabschlusskonzert 2015"



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