It would be awesome, if you'd print out my logo - e.g. on a piece of paper, cardboard or a banner - and take it with you on a skydive, into the wind tunnel, on top of the mountain, to the beach, to a festival or on a bike tour and either take a picture or film it. Your pictures or video clips would let me "take part" in your activities and I could post them in my Facebook profile and my blog. Can't wait to see what you come up with this year !

Here you can find a documentary report on the SWR Mediathek: Link zur SWR Mediathek

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A long day at court in Zürich

Wednesday the main trial for compensation took place in Zürich. It was an extremely long and strenuous day. I'm immensely grateful, that my fantastic lawyer and his team are fighting by my side and that my family stood by me, respectively sat right behind me. The court decision probably wont take place before February. The appointment for the compulsory auction is beginning of February.

Link: Tages Anzeiger
Link: 20 minutes

Main trial at court in Zürich

Photo: Berthold SteinhilberTuesday last week I had an appointment for an interview with Lorenzo Pesto, a journalist with the Züricher Tagesanzeiger. Yesterday the photographer Berthold Steinhilber ( visited me. Today the article about the pending civil trial will be published in the Züricher Tagesanzeiger. Wednesday the main trial will take place at court in Zürich, I will also be there. I strongly hope that the law will bring justice!

Leonie in Luzern

With Leonie in LuzernLeonie was under ways in Switzerland this weekend and thought of me in Luzern. I love this city, I spent wonderful times there!

Weekend with Kareli

Weekend with KareliSaturday we braved the masses of people at the International Convention Center Stuttgart to inform ourselves of possible places to study for my son. Afterwards we sampled all kinds of treats at the Food Festival. The biggest insight of the day: I was extremely happy to return to the peace and comfort of our apartment!

As always, the precious time with Kareli passed much too fast!

Atlantic crossing on board of the Queen Mary 2

Petra "took" me with her on her grand trip with the Queen Mary 2. The voyage started in Hamburg, continued to Southampton and continued to New York, taking 9 days. The Queen Mary 2 is a floating city being 345m long, 41m wide, with the highest chimney reaching up 62m and 10m of draft. The 4 propellers are powered by 157,000 HP. The garbage gets recycled on board and fresh water is processed from salt water. She spent 4 strenuous days in New York, followed by recuperation time in sunny Florida. I'm happy about having "taken part" in this trip!

Atlantiküberquerung mit Petra auf der Queen Mary 2Atlantiküberquerung mit Petra auf der Queen Mary 2Atlantiküberquerung mit Petra auf der Queen Mary 2Atlantiküberquerung mit Petra auf der Queen Mary 2



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