It would be awesome, if you'd print out my logo - e.g. on a piece of paper, cardboard or a banner - and take it with you on a skydive, into the wind tunnel, on top of the mountain, to the beach, to a festival or on a bike tour and either take a picture or film it. Your pictures or video clips would let me "take part" in your activities and I could post them in my Facebook profile and my blog. Can't wait to see what you come up with this year !

Here you can find a documentary report on the SWR Mediathek: Link zur SWR Mediathek

Logo as PDF oder Logo as JPG

So close and so beautiful !

Sometimes you don't have to travel far to find beauty. Yesterday evening we took this picture from the balcony. It was pouring down rain, on one side of the house was this sunset, on the other a rainbow. I am grateful to experience moments like these !

Flying high !

Over the past two and a half weeks Marc Michel flew a new Pilatus Porter airplane from Stans, in Switzerland, to China. While crossing the border from Laos to China he also took some pictures for me.

What an adventure, I'm thrilled !

help4brit begleitet Marc Michel nach Chinahelp4brit begleitet Marc Michel nach Chinahelp4brit begleitet Marc Michel nach Chinahelp4brit begleitet Marc Michel nach Chinahelp4brit begleitet Marc Michel nach Chinahelp4brit begleitet Marc Michel nach China

Swiss Skydiving Championships Locarno 2014

This weekend the Para Centro Locarno is hosting the Swiss Skydiving Championships 2014. While the present weather in southern Germany rather inspires thoughts of drinking, hot wine punch, Locarno is blessed with sunshine and 25 degrees (Celsius) !

Simon Birrer, videoflyer for the 4way team SMART, sent me some impressions. I'm extremely happy to have "been part" of a skydive in the beautiful Ticino once more !

May all participants continue having lots of fun and safe landing !

Fallschirm-Schweizermeisterschaften 2014Fallschirm-Schweizermeisterschaften 2014Fallschirm-Schweizermeisterschaften 2014Fallschirm-Schweizermeisterschaften 2014Fallschirm-Schweizermeisterschaften 2014

Mallorca - the journey continues ...

Today I "accompanied" Carsten Tuttas and his family up north to Cap de Formentor with its beautiful lighthouse. This beauty spot has a wonderful sand beach.

They also let me be part of their visit to a small, but very beautiful dripstone cave in Campanet, which lies in the middle of the isle. Usually it's forbidden to take pictures in the cave, but the friendly owner made an exception so I could take part in the experience.

Mallorca - und weiter geht's ...Mallorca - und weiter geht's ...Mallorca - und weiter geht's ...Mallorca - und weiter geht's ...

The journey continues !

Carsten Tuttas from Valldemossa - help4britToday Carsten Tuttas - a very dear friend and my extremely capable physiotherapist - and his family "took me along" to the isle of Mallorca. To be exact to Valldemossa, which was declared an Unesco World Cultural Heritage in 2010. The beautiful little town is under the protection of Santa Catalina, who was canonized in 1930.

It looks so peaceful and idyllic !

By land, by water and by ...

Grüsse von Simon Dietiker,This morning I received a message from Simon Dietiker, who is presently cruising the Red Sea on board of the M/Y Saphir. I'm very happy about being "taken" on a trip by water and the deep blue color looks fantastic !

I'm curious to know if I'll soon be "taken" into the air, too ...



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